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Air Pollution Control Equipment Key to Improving Health

Curbing Pollutants Allows Industry to Lead in Air Quality

When it comes to curbing pollutants in any industrial process, it is a fact that a solid combination of air pollution control equipment and efficient workflows will drive down emissions and help improve air quality. With new technologies increasing the power of pollution control solutions, what used to be the pointed source of air pollutants – industrial manufacture – may become the leader in sustainable, healthy emissions controls. Between more efficient use of materials, newer control mechanisms and improved working processes – manufacturers have diminished their role in pollutants and created a whole industry to lead to better health.

Signs that industry is leading the way to a more healthy air quality include the adoption of successful industrial air pollution control equipment to automotive and home uses. Among these proven industrial technologies making the leap into the consumer sector are the Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCR) used to remediate Nitrogen Oxides. Commonly used in chemical scrubbers, the SCR systems are now making their way into cleaning the emissions from diesel motors on shipping trucks and even large ocean-bound vessels. With the proof coming from the cleaning of air quality in point-source emissions with SCR – such as a manufacturing plant – smaller scaled control equipment is now tested for transportation. Industry led the way with air pollution control equipment that will eventually see use in the consumer world. All this technology points to improved air quality and better health.

Pollution control solutions for industry are also receiving guidance from regulators on the Federal level. The Environmental Protection Agency is conducting a massive study in the Cleveland area for multiple source air pollutants. The study concentrates cutting-edge measurement and modeling technology to test the effectiveness of air pollution control equipment in industry, agriculture, transportation and residential sources. With a better understanding of the air quality in a major metropolis, the EPA can put forth more accurate guidelines on how these control systems can be implemented to protect the public health.

Industry can be a leader in air quality. With the implementation of quality and efficient air pollution control equipment, technology used to make more efficient manufacturing can also clean the air we breathe and improve the way we live.

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