Industrial Ignition ProductsIndustrial Ignition Ignitor, Flame Rods, and Ignition Wire Products

Combustion Controls Solutions (CCS) manufactures high quality industrial igniters and flame rods used in ovens, burners, process heaters, corn dryers, furnaces, flares, thermal oxidizers, industrial incinerators, and boilers.

We service any Special Request, Any Size, Critical Temperatures, OEM and Replacement Part or Component market in the United States, Canada and any place within this World.

2 to 24 hour turn around, cost savings shipping!

We manufacture all our products in the USA and we use the best American-made materials available for the application. All our ceramics are formed from 95% pure Alumina for superior temperature and rigidity characteristics. Rated for 2700 degrees F, 95% Alumina outperforms and outlasts steatite. Our electrodes are formed from Kanthal D, which has outstanding temperature, strength and rigidity characteristics.

Every igniter and flame rod is 100% tested prior to shipment to ensure its performance.


CCS&ES also offers high temperature ignition wire with silicone insulation that is rated up to 10,000 VAC or 25,000 VDC. Low impedance -45 ohms per 1,000 ft, this wire is designed for use on all ignition and flame rod applications for combustion equipment.

CCS&ES also offers igniters, igniter terminals, flame rods, insulators, ignition transformers, and high temperature silicon covers. Please contact us for available sizes.

Ignition Wire Part Numbers:

CCSES-100 (100 ft. spool)
CCSES-500 (500 ft. spool)
CCSES-1000 (1000 ft. spool)
Pilot Repair Each part is labeled with our logo and part number for easy identification and is shipped in its own individual container marked with the part number.
Custom Pilots We have design capabilities that allow us to manufacture your custom designs and special sizes.
Thermal Oxidizer Pilot Our pricing levels are set to ensure competitiveness and we would be pleased to enter into purchase agreements to ensure long-term pricing, stocking of your commonly used parts and speedy shipments. In short, we can become your stockroom.


Combustion Controls Solutions offers outstanding customer support, superior quality, assured availability, competitive pricing and custom designs to meet the needs of our customers.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.


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