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Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer

The Power of the Afterburner

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers are the perfect solution for destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) in operating conditions including high solvent loads and variable operating conditions. The engineers and technicians at CCS&ES provide the expertise for a success design and installation of these finely tuned air pollution controls.

A Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer, commonly referred to as an Afterburner, is able to destroy VOCs and HAPs at or above 99 percent efficiency. The destruction of these toxic pollutants through the high-temperature oxidation process leaves only carbon dioxide and water vapor as the exhaust elements. As one of the original designs for thermal oxidation units, Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers have been proven to meet and exceed regulations over decades of service.

The Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer destroys VOCs and HAPS through direct combustion of the pollutants in the waste stream. The exhaust current from an industrial operation is exposed to turbulence as it enters a specifically designed burning chamber. The air temperature is raised to the combustion of the specific VOCs and HAPs and held for a pre-determined residence period.

The cleaned air can then be released into the atmosphere or returned to an auxiliary heat recovery device to improve the efficiency and fuel costs of the combustion process.

With expert consultation, design and installation, CCS&ES provides a Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer with the maximum air pollution control, cost efficiency and safe operation. Our afterburners minimize risks for any major functional complications along with auxiliary fuel expenses. Additionally, CCS&ES can fit Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers with supplemental heat exchange units to power waste heat boilers and steam generators, furthering the efficiency of your operation.

And with all CCS&ES installations, our team of engineers, consultants and on-site technicians will construct an individual solution to fit your operating conditions, emission components and cost-efficiency goals. With experience creating air pollution controls in over twenty-one different industries and market segments, CCS&ES will have the Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer for your application.

All CCS&ES Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer installations are custom designed for the client’s specific needs. With decades of experience in delivering HAP controls to any size enterprise, any specific need for a Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer can be met.

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