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Extending the Lifespan of Industrial Emissions Controls

Giving a hardworking Thermal Oxidizer additional years of function through expert repair

After some years of service operating at heats approaching 1,000-degrees Celsius, a thermal oxidizer may see the wear and tear to pull it out of commission. And if not for routine maintenance with specific thermal oxidizer parts and expert repairs, that constant work at high temperatures would mean a permanent loss for any owner of an oxidizer for emission controls. In order avoid lasting damage to that critical pollution abatement, a long-term maintenance scheme should be instituted starting with the design and installation of the device and extend throughout its industrial life before being quietly decommissioned decades later. With the right repair technicians and planning, it is possible to plan the life of a thermal oxidizer in a manner to maintain the best function while keeping down costs.

But finding that technician and having trust in their work is difficult. If turning to the sales department that sold the device, it is no way in their interest to show you how to correctly maintain and extend the life of a pollution control such as a thermal oxidizer. Salespeople are to convince a client of upgrades, typically with a big price tag and some function that isn’t necessary nor will ever be necessary. The same principal guides a manufacturer, which is why they will mark up prices on thermal oxidizer parts to the point of pricing out any worthwhile repair. If a plant manager is without a wholesale relationship to the manufacturer, then they won’t have to worry about the cost of labor on a thermal oxidizer. The cost of the thermal oxidizer parts alone will price them out.

So who can a business with a thermal oxidizer trust for repairs? If you find an engineering firm that will assess your needs prior to problems and develop a comprehensive maintenance plan for the lifespan of the thermal oxidizer, then you may have found a partnership to trust. Any engineers looking at the strictest tolerances of thermal oxidizer parts will find the weakest points to be closely monitored. Whether that is heat in ducting, fouling across intakes or the repair and replacement of catalyst beds – it is the specific case-by-case expertise and access to thermal oxidizer parts that will separate one firm from the other. It’s the choice of making a thermal oxidizer a sound investment or an ongoing financial drain.

So when choosing a firm to handle your pollution control maintenance structure, remember to check their credentials for experience in your specific thermal oxidizer and their access to your specific thermal oxidizer parts. Without either, their repairs may only be more money thrown into a direct-fired furnace.

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