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Safety and Efficiency count on Expert Thermal Oxidizer Repair and Service

When consequences for malfunction run high, expert repairs of pollution controls are a necessity.

It’s the necessity for manufacturers and plant managers to find the most expert repairs on any of their pollution control equipment, but for thermal oxidizer services the stakes can go up even further. With the vast amounts of regulation and safety protocols necessary for correct use of a thermal oxidizer, only specific experience with the units and their components will do. When you’re running any gas on the upward of 1,000 degrees Celsius through a chamber and possibly over a combustible catalyst, it is not the time to leave the repairs to chance.

First, there are the regulatory consequences to consider with the choice of any thermal oxidizing services. Does the company in charge of maintenance and repairs have a track record with your actual device model, or for that matter with thermal oxidizers in general? If not, a plant manager may be staking the compliance of their manufacturing or service on the reputation of a repair firm. With pollution control outcomes dependant on a long list of variables, it comes down to expert analysis of a plant’s individual system to stay in the bounds of federal, state and municipal standards. Anything short of specific expertise puts that in jeopardy, along with the financial health of the plant’s business.

Safety is also a huge concern while selecting any thermal oxidizer service provider. These are devices meant to function with little hitches around the clock for decades – but that reliability comes with expert assembly and maintenance. Many engineering and repair firms should be able to safely re-integrate a thermal oxidizer after maintenance, but only those with specific expertise in your device should work on it. Whether it is a recuperative, regenerative, catalytic or direct-fire thermal oxidizer, someone with experience in its repair is necessary. Otherwise, the lifespan and potential safety issues in the future could very easily arise.

Finally, the issue of cost is also a consideration in the choice of thermal oxidizer services. Like any plant manager would point out, when it comes to staying in line with government standards it is it not a time to become pound foolish. While the hourly rate for high expertise may be more, there is cost savings on two fronts. The job will likely finish faster, saving a plant billable hours of repair and move it back into production quickly to manufacture the sales to recoup an outage. Also, there is the assurance the job is done right, saving further and more frequent outages in the coming months and years for thermal oxidizer use.

So when choosing a thermal oxidizer service, prepare yourself by looking at the combination of compliance, safety and cost. When the big picture is examined, the obvious choice is always for expert repair.

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