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Right Side of the Law: Staying Compliant with your Thermal Oxidizer

Sticking to Government Standards with proper Thermal Oxidizer Equipment Repair.

Following the purchase of a thermal oxidizer unit, the owner may believe themselves in the clear for emissions standards regarding VOCs. And for the most part, that manufacturer would be right. With VOC destructive capability hovering between 95-99 percent, only the largest users worldwide would need to worry about compliances with tolerances that strict. For the most part, the work of the thermal oxidizing equipment fitted with automatic controls would very nearly take care of compliance and abatement needs.

But the keeping with scheduled thermal oxidizing equipment repair and maintenance is the only way any engineer or plant manager can be assured of compliance. With audits and bookkeeping mandatory across several regulatory agencies – some with differing qualifications depending on your state or municipal jurisdiction – it’s expected that your thermal oxidizer equipment repair be kept current.

What are some of the issues facing the owner of a thermal oxidizer? Depending on the type of unit, it could range anywhere from quality of temperature controls, software in conjunction with monitoring, or safety concerns with housing and construction of the unit. There’s also concern with catalyst beds and heat exchangers in the use of recuperative and regenerative thermal oxidizers. A malfunction with any number of components could lead to non-compliance.

All of these components are built for decades of use, but falling afoul of a regulatory agency could weigh heavy with the costs for fines and money spent on ignored fixes. Even worse, the chance you may face a mandatory shutdown while the problem is corrected – compounding the problem of expense with lost revenue. All of these consequences of non-compliance can easily be avoided with the proper thermal oxidizing equipment repair. Rather than gamble that your unit is on the side of the regulations, scheduled preventative service will assure that standards are met and consequences skipped.

Not only is it a good business decision to stay within the realms of Federal to Municipal standards with regular thermal oxidizer equipment repair to avoid negative consequences, it’s also a good way to potentially save money as well. The regenerative and recuperative capabilities of many thermal oxidizers are only as good as their maintenance. Saving money on heating and extending the lifespan of equipment through lower operating temperatures are benefits any plant manager would love. The road to those benefits is through thermal oxidizing equipment repair.

Stay on the side of the law and quite possibly save your plant money with any of the maintenance and repairs discussed.

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