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Oxidizer Equipment among top Pollution Control Solutions.

For any manufacturer, oxidizer equipment provides most reliable and efficient pollution control solution.

For businesses and manufacturers looking for the best value in a pollution control solution, the easy answer would be the technology used with the highest reliability over the previous thirty years – oxidizer equipment. The use of oxidizer equipment for the decomposition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) has been a mainstay of pollution control solutions for decades for good reason. With automated controls, the value is increased operator efficiency. With heat exchange and recovery in certain oxidizers, fuel and cost are diminished. And with 99.9 percent total VOC destruction, oxidizer equipment presents the most highly efficient means to meet and exceed local, state and federal mandates on pollutants for any pollution control solution.

Automated systems and controls are an important facet to making oxidizer equipment a value choice among pollution control solutions. With software making adjustments in heat, pressure, dampening, and flow, oxidizer equipment can alleviate businesses of costly manual supervision of equipment needed with other pollution control solutions. The entire process can be monitored and controlled remotely, which is a benefit both to cost and automated auditing for inspection later by code enforcement officials.

Another benefit for oxidizer equipment comes in the heat recovery systems available to diminish the cost for fuel and stress on equipment from fluctuating high temperatures used in another pollution control solution. Many types of oxidizer equipment, including the regenerative thermal oxidizer, the regenerative catalytic oxidizer and the recuperative thermal oxidizer, all use this heat recovery technology. Some systems in this pollution control solution can even achieve efficiency of ninety-five percent. That would create significant cost savings and present high value over other pollution control solutions.

Finally, the actual decomposition rate of VOCs and HAPs in oxidizer equipment puts it at an advantage over other pollution control solutions. With destruction efficiency at 99.9 percent for VOCs, this pollution control solution consistently performs at near perfect utility. And with a thirty-year track record, businesses can be sure that quality parts, installation and maintenance are available now and through the lifetime of the pollution control solution. The point of the value in oxidizer equipment is manufacturers can reach the goals of federal codes with cost savings and benefit to the environment with this pollution control solution.

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