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Best options for Pollution Control Equipment.

High standards are required of pollution control equipment for continued operational efficiency.

There are many options available to businesses in need of pollution control equipment, though for the sake of efficiency, the correct choice is sometimes hard to pin down. The major families of pollution control equipment include particulate control, scrubbers, nitrogen oxide (NOx) control, volatile organic compound (VOC) abatement, Acid Gas control, Mercury control as well as Dioxin and furan control. Within each of these many families of pollution control equipment are a variety of devices used to capture, mitigate, abate and destroy harmful gas and particulate matter that contributes to air pollution. But the choice for which applicable technologies comes down to the product produced and pollution control equipment need.

For example, VOC abatement is most often needed throughout industries dealing with chemical and pharmaceutical, paint finishing and coating, as well as printing presses. Some of the technologies used for pollution control equipment with the goal of VOC abatement include adsorption systems with activated carbon, flares to burn off VOCs, thermal catalytic oxidizers to decompose VOCs, biofilters and vapor recovery systems. Which of these many solutions and the associated pollution control equipment required to implement them depend greatly on the specific function of the manufacturing process as well as the local, state and federal air-quality codes which need to be followed.

In addition to the specific use, the cost and continued maintenance of pollution control equipment is also of concern to businesses. While some solutions like vapor capture may provide initial cost savings, transport and destruction of waste-material off site may wipe out any savings in the long term. Any pollution control equipment with regenerative and recuperative technology and high destruction efficiencies, such as oxidizer equipment may provide long-term savings. And with a long track record for performance and maintenance, oxidizer equipment is a highly sought choice among businesses for pollution control equipment.

Also in the discussion of pollution control equipment are the new uses of bioremediation. While typically used in water treatment, microorganisms can be employed to catalyze the decomposition of VOCs and hazardous air pollutants in newer pollution control equipment. As long as a pollutant found in an industrial process is biodegradable, this technology can be employed for low cost and high efficiency.

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