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Used Thermal Oxidizer

A certified pre-owned thermal oxidizer system save capital expense

The purchase of a used thermal oxidizer gives operators looking to expand their air pollution controls a great option for long-term value and cost savings. By lowering the upfront capital expense, ownership and plant managers can account for the investment in these thermal oxidizer products and their lower operating costs, even during harsh economic conditions. However, navigating the specifics of the secondary market for a used thermal oxidizer can prove challenging to even the most technically educated operator.

CCS&ES provides takes the guesswork out of purchasing a used thermal oxidizer. Our expert engineers and technicians reliably rebuild each certified pre-owned thermal oxidizer system – assuring operators of all the benefits offered by the highest quality air pollution controls with lower upfront and continued operating costs. Designed for decades of use, used thermal oxidizer units require careful attention and consultation for purchase to provide this exceptional value.

CCS&ES also enhance each certified pre-owned thermal oxidizer system with advanced retrofits to incorporate the latest upgrades in thermal oxidizer technology. CCS&ES used thermal oxidizers surpass all MACT, RACT and BACT Standards to assure continued regulatory compliance for plant operators. Like all thermal oxidizers offered, used units can claim VOC and HAP abatement of up to 99.99 percent.

Each used thermal oxidizers undergoes a thorough 250 point inspection to correct even the most minute flaws in a pre-owned oxidizer. All component upgrades – including new recuperative, regenerative or catalytic media depending on the type of used thermal oxidizer – are included in the purchase price. Special attention to complex systems such valves and heat exchange saves operators time and money.

CCS&ES provides a complete operational history, including the original date of purchase and hours of operation, for each used thermal oxidizer sold. Complete documentation of mechanical and electrical specifications is also available. Each certified pre-owned thermal oxidizer system is sold with a standard 5-year warranty, with the opportunity to purchase a warranty extension available. Consultation, engineering and installation services for custom implementation of a used thermal oxidizer are also available.

Contact the experts at CCS&ES today for complete information on the value and reliability available in a used thermal oxidizer.

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