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Experience heads list of qualifications for a pollution control solution provider

CCS&ES leads pollution control industry with highly-experienced engineers, physicists and staff.

The installation of any pollution control solution, or the repair of current pollution controls, relies strictly on the experience and knowledge of the firm involved. From the design and integration, to delivery, software and training – all the steps are equally important and fraught with potential for mistakes. And those mistakes are loaded with the reality of cost overruns, downtime, lost revenue and possibly not achieving the compliance the controls were meant to achieve. In all, choosing wrong can cost and cost big.

Thankfully there are experienced firms determined to bring the best quality implementation of pollution control solutions to market. Chief among these firms are the experienced hands at Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services (CCS&ES). With a staff of engineers with expertise ranging from chemical to mechanical disciplines and each averaging 20 years of experience, these are the people that will get the installation and repair of your pollution control solution right the first time. In addition to the staff of engineers, physicists and technical draftsman who create your pollution control solution, the field technicians who execute the orders are equally experienced with their installations.

While the cost of installing and designing a pollution control solution are a major investment, the continued operation of one doesn’t need to slay a plant’s financials. The main causes premature breakdowns are in the installation and first use of any control system. Rely on the proven ability of CCS&ES to find the correct solution – whether a thermal, regenerative, recuperative or catalytic oxidizer – and install it the right way without the giant cost of a small mistake.

And the same care that goes into the design and installation for a new solution is also the mandate for any repairs done for clients with existing solutions. Whether or not CCS&ES was the original engineer for your plant’s pollution control solution, our goal is to allow it to achieve Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT), Retrofit Available Control Technology (RACT) and Best Available Control Technology (BACT) compliance solutions. The commitment to quality extends through our philosophy of long-term preventative maintenance – stopping problems in advance of a major shutdown and expense.

Our capabilities allow CCS&ES to provide retrofitting and upgrades as well. If your pollution control solution is beyond the scope of a local engineer, CCS&ES will have the expertise. If a part can’t be found, CCS&ES can create it or work around it. In short, for any need your business may have for the creation or service of a thermal oxidizer or pollutant control, CCS&ES can achieve it.

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