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The Importance of high-quality service for Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer.

Safety, efficiency and compliance among pressures facing Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer operators.

As any plant or maintenance manager working in a manufacturing environment using volatile organic compounds (VOCs) could tell you, the standards for support of all equipment along the process is critical for safety and efficiency. But of that equipment, the regenerative thermal oxidizer is a special case for a number of reasons. The pressures inflicted in the use of the regenerative thermal oxidizer, with high heats, stress to internal media and constant degradation from VOCs, challenge safety, cost efficiency, process efficiency and compliance with local, state and federal clean air mandates. For those reasons, the proper and expert servicing of a regenerative thermal oxidizer is key.

Among the chief concerns with maintenance of a regenerative thermal oxidizer is continued operational and cost efficiency. Over time, exposure to high heats and continued VOC bombardment will degrade manifolds, internal media and dampers of any regenerative thermal oxidizer. Wear to these critical components can severely compromise the heat recovery efficiency of the unit. While most modern units should easily achieve ninety-five percent recovery of operational heat, tolerances can dip as low as eighty-five percent. Beneath that threshold, a regenerative thermal oxidizer will begin raising costs in fuel, time and overall operational efficiency.

A second point for the highest standards of maintenance for a regenerative thermal oxidizer is the continued compliance for local, state and federal laws regarding clean air requirements from manufacture. Proper maintenance of a regenerative thermal oxidizer would include testing and calibration of the controls and software monitoring the unit that insures steady function and compliance. The subtle changes in temperature, pressure, and gaseous dynamics within a regenerative thermal oxidizer to insure compliance require automation that needs to be internally audited. It makes compliance less difficult when all systems are assured of full function.

Finally, the issue of continued plant safety is inherently coupled with continued high-quality maintenance of a regenerative thermal oxidizer. Issues such as external insulation in good repair insure safe ambient operating temperatures. The cleaning and removal of internal ceramic media for any regenerative thermal oxidizer will require specific safety protocols dependant upon the VOC used in the process. Pressure testing on manifolds and throughout the gas lines insures against stress cracks or small ruptures. All of these features of a regenerative thermal oxidizer will require the attention of a well-qualified maintenance and inspection team.

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