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Regenerative catalytic oxidizer services extend efficiency

RCO repairs allow rehabilitation of older pollution controls

Continued cost-savings in specific air pollution controls demands expert maintenance and servicing – particularly in regards to regenerative catalytic oxidizer services. As regenerative catalytic oxidizers (RCO) combine some of the best features of catalytic oxidizers and regenerative thermal oxidizers, the amount of systems to monitor and maintain grow accordingly.

With catalyst beds, heat exchangers and computer-assisted monitoring to assure volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations, RCO repairs can originate from several points along the pollution control process. While unmatched in low-cost operation from lower operating temperatures within the tolerances of low VOCs, regenerative catalytic oxidizers require proper maintenance to stay efficient and in compliance.

However, RCO repairs need not shutter an enterprise or cost an outrageous amount. With skilled and experienced technicians, diagnosing and executing regenerative catalytic oxidizer services can be accomplished relatively quickly. Removal of fouling from catalyst beds – or replacement of the catalyst substrate – can quickly improve the VOC destruction rate and lower the operating temperature for any RCO unit. That leads to quick energy savings and improved profitability over each operating hour.

Fouled heat exchanger can also cost for efficiency and even provide a safety concern with contaminants passing through the combustion chambers as heat bursts in outflow. With refurbished or new exchangers, an operator can dramatically improve the function and lifespan of their RCO. These kinds of RCO repairs move older units from cost centers into profitable components.

And with concentrations of VOCs needing constant monitoring, computer-assisted flow and control systems for corrosive gases is necessary to insure a safe and compliant operating environment. Sensors embedded in the RCO need consistent auditing and maintenance to assure they provide the most accurate measurements. Without proper monitoring, RCO units can not only lose compliance and efficiency, but also become a looming safety hazard.

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