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High Efficiency Green Technology – The cost and environmental savings of a Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer.

In certain environments, the easier operation of a Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer can save costs while cleaning the air.

While all manufacturing processes using volatile organic compounds (VOCs) require the use of pollution control equipment, any manager dealing with certain environments with low VOC count may look at the option of a regenerative catalytic oxidizer to lower the operation cost of such equipment. This is possible through the lower temperatures required by a regenerative catalytic oxidizer for heat exchange and regeneration, as the catalyst in the oxidizing process works more efficiently in a cooler environment. All of these factors save money in fuel, install, and overall operational efficiency. Still, a regenerative catalytic oxidizer continues to require specific considerations for operation and maintenance, but remain more efficient than comparable competing pollution control technologies.

The main benefit of the regenerative catalytic oxidizer lies in its ability to provide the lowest-cost VOC oxidization at lower temperatures in applications with low VOC concentrations. This is a two-stage process, with gas entering a manifold to an energy recovery chamber where the VOC-containing stream is heated across a ceramic media. The stream then passes through a valve into a second oxidizing chamber, where it passes over a second media bed with catalytic properties. It is here that the oxidization at lower temperatures occurs, transforming VOCs with nearly 100-percent efficiency into vapor and carbon dioxide. The resulting gas is then cooled and exits the stream only slightly warmer than its initial introduction to the process. The entire system is monitored and adjusted by automated controls and software to insure efficiency and cut costs for continued operator supervision.

Since the lower temperatures save on fuel, any manufacturer using a regenerative catalytic oxidizer will have lower costs. However, the maintenance for a regenerative catalytic oxidizer requires attention to the specific media used in the oxidization chamber. Technicians with experience in any variety of media and safety protocols are necessary in keeping operational efficiency high, along with continued assurance of meeting local, state and federal environmental statutes. That said, the installation of a regenerative catalytic oxidizer is among the best ways to achieve these goals.

When looking at the investment in pollution control technology, think about the larger picture in terms of long-term operational cost and efficiency. After consideration of the application, the choice for a regenerative catalytic oxidizer should be among the top picks if cost savings are in the scope of work.

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