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Regenerative thermal oxidizer products save expense with efficiency

Heat recovery saves fuel and expense while boosting pollution controls

Saving costs while ramping up efficiency is the goal of any project integrating regenerative thermal oxidizer products into air pollution controls. With designs able to capture up to 96 percent of operational heat, regenerative oxidizers are among the most economical, efficient means of destroying volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air pollutant emissions. By saving supplementary fuel, these emissions control devices aid the environment while scrubbing out hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from industrial exhaust.

Regenerative thermal oxidizer products diminish operational expense while maintaining nearly perfect VOC destruction capability. Stoneware beds retain heat from the oxidation process in a combustion chamber – in some cases requiring zero supplemental fuel when VOC levels are high enough to act as a fuel source on their own. This self-sustaining process relies on precision equipment and monitoring. Understanding the flow of emissions, adjusting temperatures in a combustion chamber to fit those needs and carefully documenting all processes are each steps in achieving consistent operation.

Consistent and efficient operation of regenerative thermal oxidizer products not only aids the environment with VOC and HAP destruction, but also keeps operators in regulatory compliance. With myriad regulations for air quality standards at the federal, state and municipal levels, these thermal oxidizer products keep plant managers in perfect step with legislation. By destroying nearly 100 percent of all HAPs in a waste stream, operators avoid conflict and expense with regulators. Not only are fines avoided, but resulting legal implications and possible forced downtime is sidestepped in one easy purchase.

Regenerative thermal oxidizer products installed and maintained by experts also protects the safety of operator employees. Operating in excess of 900 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no room for error with thermal oxidizer safety measures. With the right maintenance partner or installation consultant, regenerative thermal oxidizer products operate safely for decades at a time.

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