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Rotor Concentrators

Purified air concentrators with rotary technology reduce costs

Rotor concentrators employ rotary technology in combination with thermal and catalytic oxidizers to reduce physical size, energy use and recurring costs. For operators with high volumes of exhaust flow with low concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), these purified air concentrators can significantly reduce operating expenses while making more efficient use of valuable space in the plant environment.

Rotating concentrators provide a continuous stream of highly concentrated VOC-laden air to reduce the dependence on supplemental fuel during thermal oxidation. The process of concentration begins with a high volume of air with a low VOC concentration passing through a rotating absorption bed, releasing purified air as exhaust. The trapped VOCs rotate through the purified air concentrators to a separate stream where they are released in a desorption process. The VOCs are kept in higher concentrations by a constant, low-volume flow of heated air. The oxidizer abates the remaining hazardous air pollutants.

The high concentrations of VOCs reduce expense by lowering operating temperatures along with the need for supplemental fuel. Each specific client application receives absorption materials custom-designed to meet the unique needs for the waste stream. A fully integrated control system – including computer-assisted control panels and field bus integration – are included for each rotor concentrators. Clients receive proprietary design and custom materials for exceptional quality.

Purified air concentrators employ compact, skid-mounted designs to save space and ease installation. The units are easily expandable, in contrast to more expensive fixed designs. The simple, continuous design reduces the opportunity for malfunction, corrosion potential in the media and risk for fire. These advantages of rotor concentrators in combination with thermal oxidizers are completed with VOC destruction rates and initial capital expense comparable to fixed design units.

For more information about rotor concentrators in combination with our thermal oxidizer products, please contact the expert staff at Combustion Controls Solution & Environmental Services.

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