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Save Cash, Reduce Emissions and Save the Environment with SCR Systems

Stripping plant emissions has never been easier or more cost effective.

The latest technologies in Selective Catalytic Reduction, known commonly as SCR Systems, make doing the right thing for the environment a winning combination with cost savings. The introduction of SCR Systems to any manufacturing process concerned with stripping Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) from their emissions stream should show an immediate payoff in efficiency. But furthermore, the use of and SCR System actually provides up to 95 percent destruction of volatile NOx elements. That means a giant win for the plant in cost savings and to the environment for less smog-forming chemicals emitted.

How do SCR Systems work?

An SCR System is essentially a controlled chemical reaction in a heated chamber that uses a simple gaseous reagent and ammonia as a catalyst to convert NOx gases into a combination of nitrogen and water. The reactions are typical engineered for specific flows of the emission through the SCR System, as are the flows of the catalyst. Also important is the heat generated through a boiler to make the reaction take place – typically between the range of approximately 675-835 degrees Fahrenheit. Once SCR Systems is tuned for gas flow, heat, catalyst and residence time – the time the reaction takes – it can provide nearly total destruction of NOx gases with the greatest efficiency.

How do SCR Systems save you money?

Unlike other air pollution control technologies, SCR Systems employ relatively simple reactions with low-cost materials and can be easily appended to existing emissions systems. In fact, the air quality controls from SCR Systems are cost effective enough that large diesel engines on shipping vessels are now being fitted to curb pollutants from transportation. The true cost savings come from the expert installation and tuning of the SCR System to the specific manufacturing process. Once the correct balance of heat and catalyst is achieved, the dollar savings are significant.

How do SCR Systems save the environment?

The NOx gases stripped from an emissions stream by SCR Systems are one of the major components of acid rain. When the NOx combines with water in the atmosphere, the resulting reaction creates highly acidic water that will fall as rain – typically contaminating open water sources and killing vegetation. With the removal of the NOx in applications such as manufacturing and power plants, the acidity of water in the area and down wind are saved from the point-source pollutants.

It is easy to see that SCR Systems are a great cost effective technique for converting pollutants and saving the environment. All things plant mangers, accountants and the community can love.

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