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Proper thermal heating installation saves money, maintenance

Pollution controls depend on the right start

Creating value in a thermal oxidizer implementation requires attention from the start. Most importantly, thermal heating installation from an expert source can alleviate cost overruns and insure a smooth transition in air pollution controls. CCS&ES employs a vastly experienced staff of engineers, technicians and thermal heating professionals to quickly design and execute any operators’ thermal heating installation.

With each hour and day saved during the installation process, costs shrink. Authoritative practices assure quality. The combination of the two means thermal oxidizers with customized specifications that come under budget for an individual air pollution control application.

Speed and efficiency in finding the correct design scheme for a specific application is where CCS&ES can start an operator off right with a thermal heating installation. Years of consulting experience has taught the team of engineers the best practices in avoiding obstacles and finding solutions to placement, inflow, outflow and temperature controls. Saving time in the consultation and design translates directly to speedy install. With technicians proficient in a variety of assembly, fabrication and construction techniques, the process moves quickly to resolution. With each minute shaved off the project, an operator’s cost gets minimized and production is regained to keep an enterprise profitable.

But moving quickly with a sacrifice to quality in the initial start-up is unacceptable. The years of shared experience from engineers and technicians also provide the assurance to an operator that a thermal heating installation will function at peak operating levels for years or even decades. The most exacting tolerances are achieved by attention to the smallest detail in design and coordination during install. With high pressures, heat and volatile compounds in treatment, anything less than total concentration would prove problematic in the least. By identifying inconsistencies early and avoiding them, CCS&ES helps operators dodge continual and costly repairs in the future.

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