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Air Pollution Abatement

Thermal Oxidizer Tecnhology

Air pollution is a global problem, especially in rapidly developing countires with industrial aspirations. In industry the air contaminants emanate from the combustion processes, and air flows must be purifed before returning to the environment. This requires an efficient solution, and thermal oxidizers are the optimal choice for air pollution control in the industrial setting. With the implications of Moore's law, namely the reduction in cost of computing power, thermal oxidizer technologies have become increasingly intelligent.

The machines intertwine advances in silicon chip lithography, wiring channels, and material sciences to produce thermal oxidizers with destruction efficiency of pollutants at nearly perfect rates. Combustion Controls Solutions has not only followed the advances in hardware and software for air pollution control technology, but integrated and designed superier cross-platform regenerative thermal oxidizers, RTO. These air pollution control machines were designed by a leading team of engineers, computer scientists, and applied mathematicians, and are manufactured and distributed in an optimal setting. The role of computer programming and incorporation with thermal oxidizers has led to a sophisticated air pollution technology that drastically outperforms the competition. With the air pollution becoming a pressing issue at the global scale it's Combustion Controls Solutions' dedication to air quality and state-of-the-art thermal oxidizer manufacturing that you can trust.

The optimization of preheated air movement into the combustion chamber at a sufficient temperature for oxidation to occur has enabled Combustion Controls Solutions to destroy pollutants in the combustion chamber with unprecidented efficiency. The regenerative thermal oxidizer systems that are manufactured at Combution Controls Solutions and Environmental Services purify air flow streams with combustible and malodorous pollutants, while reducing energy consumption in comparison to the conventional air purification processes.

The construction is a modernization of air pollution abatement technologies at an economical price with logistical connections, enabling rapid delivery of our RTO to any site. CCS&ES offers a balance of technological innovation with user-friendliness, while juxtaposing minimal downtimes.

The thermal oxidizers are preassembled, and deployed to your site, then installed by renowned combustion specialists and engineers.

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