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Thermal Oxidizer Heat Recovery

Thermal Oxidizer Principles

In the development of thermal oxidizer technology, the concept of heat recovery plays a central role. Without the redirection of heat from output air, as well as from different liquid systems, the operating costs of thermal oxidizers can be abysmal. Thus, the mechanism of heat recovery is essential in air pollution control for operating efficiency. This lead to the regenerative thermal oxidizer, which has revolutionized the industry and become a standard technology for air pollution abatement.

How does a company determine if their exisiting or proposed system is energy efficient? Through an investigation of exisiting equipment, a skilled technician can measure or obtain the pertinent data related to the equipment. With new equipment, say for a thermal oxidizer, the energy efficiency is provided with the proposal or ascertained during technical reviews of the proposed project.

Underlying the improved waste heat recovery is the technique of heat exchange. Primarily, heat exchangers are classified according to their flow arrangement and three such classifications exist. In the first case the two fluids (gas or liquid) enter the exchanger at the same end, and travel in parallel. This type of heat exchanger is known as a parellel-flow heat exchanger. To see the other possible classifications, one can consider two fluids that enter the exchanger at opposing ends and travel in parallel. Such a heat exchanger is known as a counter-flow heat exchanger. Lastly, fluids can travel in orthogonal, or perpendicular, paths, and this type of heat exchanger is referred to as a cross-flow heat exchanger.

At Combustion Controls Solutions and Environmental Services we have the team and experience to help improve your energy efficiency needs. We offer expertise in waste heat recovery, from investigations of primary heat recovery systems to heat exchanger types.

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