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Thermal Oxidizer Process

How do thermal oxidizers operate?

Air contaminants mostly originate from combustion processes, and air pollution abatement is a necessity. Thermal oxidizers are the most popular choice for the efficient purification of industrial air streams. Here, we will provide a brief tutorial in which the question of how a thermal oxidizer works will be addressed. First and foremost, a thermal oxidizer is an intelligent machine, namely the machine functions based upon a hardware and software interface for feedback and control. In a follow up post we shall elaborate on this hardware and software interface, describing the role that a programmable logic controller (PLC) plays in air pollution control and with thermal oxidizers.

The field of air pollution control is rapidly evolving, and the importance of the thermal oxidizer as a process unit capable of outstanding air pollution, destruction efficiency is integral. As a first step in the pollutant destruction phase, a high-pressure supply fan that directs the industrial fumes into a thermal oxidizer is applied. Next, the inlet switch valves control the flow of the pollutant-laden air into an energy recovery canister. The air flow takes a path from the valve assembly up through the first heat exhanger canister. The point of this process is heat absorption from the ceramic media in the unit. For the experts, we are describing a particular type of thermal oxidizer, known as a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). Then the preheated air moves into the combustion chamber at a sufficient temperature for oxidation to occur. This chemical reaction enables the destruction of the pollutants in the combustion chamber.

Lastly, the clean air cycle takes place. The first part of the cycle involves the heated, purified air from the combustion chamber. This air is directed through a second energy recovery canister, whereby the generated heat from the thermal oxidation process is transferred to a ceramic media. Then, the cooled, purified air is output from the thermal oxidizer into the atmosphere through an outlet switch valve and an exhaust stack. The regenerative thermal oxidizer systems that are manufactured at Combution Controls Solutions and Environmental Services are optimized to purify air flow streams that contain combustible and malodorous pollutants, while reducing energy consumption in comparison to the conventional air purification processes.

The construction is a modernization of air pollution abatement systems at an economical price with logistical connections, enabling rapid delivery of our RTO to any site. CCS&ES offers a balance of technological innovation with user-friendliness, while juxtaposing minimal downtimes.

The thermal oxidizers are preassembled, and deployed to your site, then installed by renowned combustion specialists and engineers.

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