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Thermal oxidizer thermocouples

A thermocouple is a device that measures temperature by employing the thermoelectric effect. When two different metals are adjoined at their ends and a temperature difference between the two metals exists, a voltage is generated. By applying a voltage to the adjoining metal ends, a thermocouple produces a temperature difference between the metal ends. This provides an accurate tool to measure temperature in industry, and is widely employed for thermal oxidizers.

Here, at Combustion Controls Solutions and Environmental Services we offer a wide range of thermal oxidizer thermocouples. In selecting a thermocouple it is extremely important to choose the proper wire size for a thermcouple based upon the application. For instance, if sensitivity is the main objective for a thermocouple, then a wire with a smaller gauge is best. Additionally, the length of a thermocouple probe is essential, as a recommendation we suggest that thermocouples for thermal oxidizers are immersed a minimum distance of four times the diameter of the protection tube. Lastly, the location of the thermocouple is integral. Namely, thermocouples must be positioned such that a definite temperature relationship with the work load exisits.

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