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Professional consult make used regenerative thermal oxidizers a value

Cost savings with used regenerative thermal oxidizers extend beyond purchase to operational savings.

Operators looking to expand their air pollution controls into thermal oxidizers may be attracted by the long-term cost savings presented by regenerative technology, but have a hard time accounting for the upfront capital expense in a new or custom deployment. However, the secondary market for used regenerative thermal oxidizers presents a unique opportunity for manufacturing and refining operations to gain the advantages of regenerative heat exchange with significantly discounted upfront expense. These units are meant for decades of use and, with the right consultation in purchase and reconditioning, can provide operators with the very best value in air pollution controls.

Avoiding the upfront expense of custom fabrication by choosing a used regenerative thermal oxidizer does come with some risk – but these risks can be mitigated with the analysis of an experienced engineer. Identifying weakened or damaged areas in a used unit prior to purchase can save operators the trouble of costly retrofits later in the process. Or in a more positive light, finding an undervalued thermal oxidizer with low VOC service, could bring an operator instant equity in a unit and make the pollution controls more affordable. Engineers can also help look at used regenerative thermal oxidizers to find units that could be a value with the addition of a simple retrofit using off-the-shelf components.

Moreover, the guidance of trained engineers and technicians can help create a purchase plan personalized to the operator. Knowing the limits of an operation’s precise needs in the realm of air pollution controls, these professionals can act as counselors when examining how large or small an installation would need to be, what style of thermal oxidizer would best suit their process and how best to implement a thermal oxidizer with the minimum amount of downtime.

Used regenerative thermal oxidizers can mean lower operational costs in the long run not only with upfront value, but also with continued energy savings. These units can operate while capturing up to 95 percent of service heat for use in VOC destruction. This heat retention and use of a dual manifold for incoming waste exhaust lowers energy costs that add value quickly to this pollution control system.

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