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Corrosion Abatement


Owners and facilitators of thermal oxidizers generally list their most urgent concerns as operational uptime and efficiency. Generally speaking, the external appearance of the unit is secondary, but when viewed from the angle of asset life extension, appearance takes on a whole new meaning.

The base metals that comprise the unit as a whole are susceptible to the elements. Over time, the wind, sun, rain and exposure to corrosive environments can take its toll on your oxidizer. A comprehensive corrosion abatement plan can extend the service life of your unit by five, ten or even fifteen years.

Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc. can offer the type of care your unit requires. We utilize materials and procedures that are specifically designed to deal with thermal oxidizers. Combine this with experienced field crews that understand your operational requirements and can complete a corrosion abatement job under the most demanding conditions and in the shortest timeframe possible.

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