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Industrial Fan Balancing Systems


Companies that are dependent on the performance and stability of their thermal oxidizer or combustion industrial fans will find CCS&ES fan balancing services very valuable. Our team of field service technicians and engineers provide solutions to those affected by fan vibration problems.


Increased production requirements and/or material build-up are often the cause for vibration problems to occur. It's important to address these issues to ensure your fans are working properly and efficiently. Build-up causes fans to become imbalanced as bearings wear and shafts and other support structures can't handle the additional weight. This in turn can lead to unpredictable shutdowns that cost your company money from lost production and maintenance.


Our process begins with a fan vibration analysis where our team checks the condition and performance of your fans. Using the IRD Mechanalysis 290T Balancing Instrument, your fans are balanced at operating speeds of approximately 240-300RPM. Wheels are balanced to a grade of at least G6.3 in order to be in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI S 2.19). A Special Vibration Measurement Report is provided that shows your fan wheel was corrected according to the specifications of the manufacturer. This report includes the velocity vibration amplitude vs. frequency spectrums recorded for each specific bearing measurement location and direction, as well as the spectrum overall vibration level along with the peaks in spectrum amplitudes.


We feature many different vibration instruments; field installed mounted fan balancing system that constantly monitors vibration levels for reducing the plant down time and good preventative maintenance. Vibration sensors receive signals from the fan bearing and the balancing system makes the appropriate adjustments required to minimize vibration levels. Since this can all be done while the machine is running, it helps eliminate downtime that would otherwise be needed to clean and manually balance the fan. The system also stores data that can be analyzed and used to plan future maintenance based on build-up rate or any other potential factors.


CCS&ES also provides fan modifications and upgrades to your current fan balancing system. After testing for such things as temperature, build-up and corrosion during our detailed inspection, we can develop a solution that increases fan efficiency and reduces costs. Whatever the problem may be, our computerized balancing services will satisfy your needs.

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