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Combustion Controls Solutions and Environmental Services, Inc. has purchased

the intellectual property of Hirt Combustion Engineers LTD, previously based in Cheshire, England. Prior to the acquiescence, CCS&ES was Hirt Combustion Engineers LTD’s exclusive partner in the United States. Hirt had extensive experience in supplying MACT/ BACT/ RACT tuned thermal oxidizers worldwide, satisfying local environmental and safety standards.

CCS&ES offers a plenum type two-stage air burner that readily accepts multiple fuels and effluents, utilizing contaminated air as a combustion source.

In an effort to maximize environmental and economic benefits, heat recovery is at the forefront of major considerations in process design. Some of the typically featured options include: waste/heat boilers, thermal fluid heaters that provide heat for upstream processes, gas or gas/heat exchangers for combustion air, or process air heating, or a combination of methods.



Here at CCS&ES we take pride in supplying dynamically, innovative products that bolster our customers’ environmental safety standards. This is why we manufacture our cross-flow shell and tube, heat exchangers in-house using Hirt designs. Our team of engineers focuses on attention to detail, ensuring that each project is completed punctually and to project specifications. We provide full, on-site service, specializing in design, installation, training and commissioning.






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During Manufacture

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