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Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer


Regenerative catalytic oxidizers (RCO) combine positive characteristics from regenerative thermal oxidizers with catalytic oxidizers that operate at low temperatures. This juxtaposition provides the lowest operating cost for any VOC oxidation technology, and is especially suited for applications with low VOC concentrations.

As the process gas and VOC contaminants enter the twin bed RCO through the inlet manifold, a flow control valve directs the gas into an energy recovery chamber, thus preheating the process stream. Moving towards the catalyst bed, the temperature of both the process gas and contaminants increases as heat is transferred from the stoneware bed.

The VOCs undergo a chemical reaction as they are oxidized, and the output is heat, which is transferred to a second stoneware bed. This eliminates the requirement of auxiliary fuel sources. The stoneware bed is heated, and the gas is cooled so that the outlet gas temperature is only slightly higher than the inlet temperature. The switching of the flow valve alternates between the inlet and outlet phases. If the process gas contains a sufficient amount of VOCs, then the energy released from the combustion process is self-sustaining.

For example: a RCO with 95% thermal energy recovery may have an outlet temperature of 77° F, 25° F higher than the inlet, process gas temperature.

In an effort to minimize the dependency of an operator regenerative catalyst oxidizers’ use PLCs, which are digital computers that are automated electromechanical controls.

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