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Saddle Stoneware and Heat Exchangers



Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc. designs, fabricates, and installs replacement heat exchangers for thermal oxidizers and catalytic oxidizers. In addition CCS&ES specializes in replacing high pressure drop and high maintenance saddle media, as well as structured media designed to increase airflow and decrease the pressure drop and operating costs.

For applications at high temperature we provide specially constructed type 310 stainless steel, or greater. CCS&ES also supplies self-cleaning heat exchangers for silica dust applications.

Capacity Increase:


The pressure drop associated with randomly packed, heat exchanger stoneware media originally used in RTO’s is very high compared to today’s structural media. By replacing the randomly packed, heat exchanger stoneware media with today’s structural media, the pressure drop (∆p) across the regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is reduced, making it easier to pass air through the thermal oxidizer.


Lowering the pressure drop throughout the thermal oxidizer to its originally rated airflow capacity causes the exhaust fan to operate at a much lower brake horsepower, resulting in a reduced electrical cost. Also, at the same superficial airflow velocity, structural media exhibits a greater heat transfer characteristic than randomly packed, heat exchanger stoneware media. All of which result in a negative correlation between a large increase in thermal efficiency, and a decrease in the amount of required operating fuel for the thermal oxidizer.

Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc. can review your thermal oxidizer operations; providing an engineering study, which would evaluate your existing thermal oxidizer equipment. Also, CSS&ES reviews the corrective measures of your structural media in an effort to increase airflow, as well as providing complete turnkey installation of any modification recommendations.

Designed to either recover heat from the process application, or save energy by preheating the process gases for more efficient oxidation, heat exchangers are vital to oxidation. An infinite amount of possibilities can cause heat exchangers to malfunction in regenerative thermal and catalytic oxidizer systems. Thus it is necessary to increase the system’s airflow capacity and processing of VOC and HAP laden air, while decreasing energy loss and fuel costs.

CCS&ES’ extensive product and application knowledge is your singular contact for help resolving those issues. Before a problem develops, our experienced thermal oxidizer specialist can evaluate your process to determine air flow potential, and recommend a plan of action. CCS&ES, also, offers product replacement services, structure and saddle media upgrades, stoneware change-outs for all make and models, catalyst media and trays, RTO to RCO conversions, retainer coldface grids, and cleaning to upgrades.

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